Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction Final Project Game Manual

This post contains our group’s game guide.


Name Of The Game:
Cancelling Cancer a game by Naufal Muhammad Zavier, Jason Christopher Chandra and Bryan
Moses Weku.

Figure 1: Endless Mode Gameplay

Figure 2: Game Over Screen

Figure 3: Timed Mode with Freeze Active

Figure 4: Endless Mode with Combo Multiplier Active


How To Play:
There are two modes in the game, Endless and Timed. In Endless mode, there is no time limit
and the way you earn money is different from the timed mode. (Explained in the Scoring System
section). In Timed mode, the player must earn as much points as they possibly can in 30

Players will be faced with a horde of red blood cells that all look identical. However, as the
player hovers their mouse over the red blood cells, a stats page will appear. Stats displayed in
green text indicates that the red blood cell is a healthy red blood cell, while red the indicates the
red blood cell has a mutated into a cancer cell.

Players use their mouse to drag the healthy red blood cells indicated by a green text to the
accept zone and the dangerous cancer cells to the reject zone. If players drags the cells in the
wrong zone, the players will get their live reduced.

Each round, players have a chance to earn money which can be used to buy special power ups
which help make the game easier, power-ups include: Freeze (Freezes all cells for 10
seconds),Slow (Slows down all cells for 20 seconds), Cell Wall (Creates a wall to block cells for
5 seconds),and Destroy (destroys all cells instantly). Players can only use one skill at a time and
there is a cooldown period for each skill.

In endless mode the spawn start with one red cell every 2 however, the spawning will increase
every 30 seconds to make the mode progressively difficult. In Timed mode, every 2 seconds
there are 3 cells spawned at once instead of one to make the game mode challenging as it is a
short game session.


Player Controls:
– Space: Used to pause the game.
– Mouse: Used to drag the healthy red blood cells into the accept zone and the dangerous
cancer cells to the reject zone.
– Escape key: Used to retry or return to main menu.
– Z, X, C, V keys: To use the skills for Cell Wall, Freeze, Slow and Destroy respectively.


Scoring System:
This game’s scoring system is based on the number of red blood cells the player accepts and
the number of cancer cells the player rejects (Number of cancer cells rejected + Number of red
blood cells accepted = points).

Endless mode has a combo multiplier feature which increases the score the players gain if they
are on a streak.

A player activates a streak if they correctly put a cell in the right zone five times in a row. The
combo multiplier increases for every five streak the player achieved. The first five streak will
double the score gained, the next continuous five streak will quadruple the score gained, while
fifteen streaks and onwards multiplies the score gained by eight times.

A streak is lost if the player puts a cell in the incorrect zone, resetting the streak and the combo
multiplier. The player also has a limited life with only 5 chances, and for every mistake the
player makes, they will lose 1 life point.

If the player loses all of their life points, they lose the game. At the end of the game, players will
also earn money which can be used to buy power ups and help make the game easier.

The way money is earned are different for each game mode, in Endless mode, The money
earned is the number of points the player achieved plus the amount of time the player lasted.
While in timed mode, the amount of money earned is just the number of points the player
achieved, however in Timed Mode, the money earned is more than in Endless Mode, but the
combo multiplier feature is not enabled in timed mode. In time mode the player does not gain
any money if they have lost all their lives.


– Endless And Timed Mode
– Drag and drop
– Accept and Reject
– Power up for slow, freeze and cell wall
– Stats generator for Red Blood cell
– HUD design for the powerups (power up icons and quantity)
– Destroy Powerup
– Pause button
– Shop design and layout and purchase
– Game Over screen

– Provides the sprites that are used in game
– Animations for the red blood cell and the clock
– Tutorial Page
– Credits Page
– Scoring and combo multiplier
– Sound design


Items We Created:
– Red cell Animation
– Cell Wall Sprite
– Background
– Freeze Effect Sprite
– Shield Effect Sprite
– Animated Clock sprite


Items that we implemented:
– Accept Sound Fx –
– Reject Sound Fx –
– Clock Ticking Sound Fx –
– Sprites for the Power-Ups
– Freeze Icon
– Clock Icon
– Skull & Bones Icon
– Shield Icon –
– Red Blood Cell Sprite –
– Accept sprite –
– Reject sprite –


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